A brief History of Amateur Archery Centre Inc.

The name Amateur Archery Centre goes back a long way: To the mid 1950s.

Bill White, Harry Hickson and Trevor Smart served together in the army and when they retired mid 1990s they each went their own ways. However, Bill White with an interest in archery as a small business, purchased Amateur Archery Centre. Harry Hickson and Trevor Smart became involved with the Club when Bill expanded to service north and south of Perth while Bill took over the eastern side. It was still a private organization, not affiliated with Archery Australia or ArcheryWA, but carried their own insurance.

At this point, it was a full time job, teaching schools during the week plus the general public on Saturdays.  Each of the three ‘amigos’ had a trailer and carried their own equipment but Bill went a little further and used a four wheel drive plus a very large trailer with a greater range of equipment and archery parts and spares.

Harry’s franchise used the Glengarry school oval which was quite central to the northern corridor but it was still a teaching group rather than an established club. Very few participants had their own equipment as Harry supplied all the bows and arrows, many of which were still in use until a few years ago.The Club also ran a small sausage sizzle once a month to build up camaraderie between archers.

Late 2002 Bill White informed Harry and Trevor that he wished to retire due to ill health and offered to sell Harry’s franchise plus the name Amateur Archery Centre to a small group of archers who were part of the northern and eastern districts. The southern franchise was closed down.

It was then the Club you see today was formed and purchased the going concern for $2,000. Bill was very generous in that he was quite happy for the Club to spread the payments over a few months. The purchase included a 6ft x 4ft boxed trailer plus a mixture of left and right handed recurve bows at various draw weights plus a variety of arrows and target butts and stands. All the targets were wooden A-framed with cardboard strapped into ‘biscuits’ as butts. (A few years later Harry was able to obtain some surplus metal stands from Kalamunda Governor Stirling Archery Club which stayed in use for many years).

Late 2002, this small group of steadfast archers ran the first “general meeting” at the Roundhouse Tavern in Balcatta with the first elected executive being President Roy Hickson, Secretary Darryl Turner and Treasurer David Heald. Committee members were Harry Hickson, Ian Jordan, Chris Inie and Jim Flood.  We did start a primitive bookkeeping system in 2002 with income at $260, outgoings of $210.

‘Incorporation’ took place 6th March 2003, the same year we became affiliated with ‘Archery Society of WA’ (now known as ArcheryWA) and Archery Australia.

During the first full year of trading, membership grew to include Tim Jordan, J.Mallard, R.Charles, S.Johnson, Neil Robinson and Roger (Taffy) Mullins, giving a total of 13 members. This full first year also saw the Club’s income climb to $500.10 with outgoings at $181.10 giving a trading profit of $319.

In the following year (2004, Harry Hickson took over the secretary’s job which he held till 2013. Vivienne Hickson became Treasurer for a few years until Charlie Wilkinson took over. Charlie stayed a year or two and again Vivienne took over the Treasurer’s position until 2012 when Roy Hickson took over after resigning the President’s chair. Roy held this position until the 2018 AGM.

Club Presidents:   There have been four Club Presidents since 2003:  Roy Hickson (inaugural 2003-20011), Jon-Paul VanLoenhout (2012/13), Paul Meyer (part of 2013) with President elect Chris Binyon taking over in 2014. Roark Anderton stepped into the position when Chris resigned midway 2017 and was duly elected into the presidency at the 2018 AGM.

Equipment:  The original box trailer was retired in 2012. The Club then purchased a dual axle trailer with tray which Harry then built into a large boxed unit but we had to rely on volunteers with a towbar to haul the trailer to and from the high school archery ground. This became a problem as most members had small vehicles so the Committee bit-the-bullet (arrow) late 2016 and purchased a 2004 KIA bakers van which was fitted out by Chris Binyon of Molinjor Longbows, to carry all the equipment we use today.  The big dual axle boxed trailer was sold to one of AAC’s members.

The first ‘ELEVENS’ target butt was purchased about 2009, but gradually we swapped over to the current butts in use today, supplied by Molinjor Longbows.


Club Champions:

‘The Bill White Perpetual Trophy’ (best score off bow) is the Club’s major trophy and has been in existence since 1999 with the inaugural winner  Keith Schurmann.   (Keith went on to start up Greenwood Archers and was president of ArcheryWA for a few years).   No award given in 2000:  Joshua Hampson 2001:    Roger Mullins 2002.   Alex Wood 2003.   Ian Jordan 2004.   Jim Flood 2005, 2006, 2007:  Daniel Freid 2008.  Jon-Paul Van Loenhout 2009.    Robert McLeod 2010, 2011.   Jon-Paul Van Loenhout, 2012.  Sean Potter. 2013.   Nathan Johnston 2014, 2015, 2016.   Roark Anderton 2017.
Keith Markham 2018, 2019.  John Palandri 2020.

NOTE: a few of the above have gone on to represent the state in archery.

Mens Open (best score with handicap)   Harry Hickson 2011.   Jason Levett 2012.   Nick Siwerski 2013:  Alex Bettrand 2015.   Geof Gardiner 2016.   Michael Broderick 2017:  Roy Hickson 2018.
Jason West 2019. Derek Wakefield 2020.

Ladies Open (best score with handicap)  Rachelle Novak 2012:   Jo-Anne Bardon 2013:  Kirsten Izzett 2015: Nancy Johnston 2016.   Lisa Anderton 2018. Liz Connell 2019. Deborah Smith 2020.

Ladies open (best score off bow)  Janine McLeod 2019. Lucia Ogle 2020.

Junior Open (best score with handicap):   Kane Procuta 2011.   Jacob Hawkins 2012.  
James Harper 2013.  Yi Wen Lim 2015.  Daniel Gifford 2017.  James Riecken 2018.  2019.  Alex Larson-Johstone 2020.

Most Improved archers:  Joanne McLeod 2011.   Kevin Giang 2012.  Cullum Innes 2017.  James Riecken 2018. Roland Scherier 2019.  Jarad McKay 2020.

Presidents Trophy:  (outstanding contribution to the club):  Roark Anderton 2018.  Keith Markham 2019.  Roy Anderton 2020.

Senior Clubman Award: Liz Connell 2019.

Junior Clubman Award:  James Riecken 2019.

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