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Shooting times:   Learners are welcome and shoot under supervision from 8.00 am - 9:30 am.
(AAC/AA/AWA members can shoot under supervision from 8:30 am onwards).

Coaching and staff:  We have several Archery Australia qualified instructors. All Instructors have "Working with Children" Cards and Police Clearance.

Learners: Our qualified instructors will teach you (10 years minimum age) how to handle archery equipment safely and correctly. The  first lesson will cost $15.00 then if you would like to continue, you can purchase 6 one hour lessons over 6 weeks for $150.00. The emphasis is on safety, and during this time all equipment is supplied.

Visitors:  AA/AWA Members from other Clubs are most welcome. Please contact club to book in.

Financial year:   1st March to 28/29th February.

Membership fees 2023 :   Club membership fees are $285 per year over 18 yrs and $210 for under 18.
AA/AWA membership fees are included in the Club fees. Family rates are available. There is a $5 range fee payable on the day which helps with target and equipment maintenance.

Used/Secondhand Equipment:  Unless you are familiar with archery equipment we strongly advise against buying used equipment until you have spoken with us, as it's very important the equipment is properly chosen to suit the archer. Choosing unsuitable equipment can prove expensive, or worse, discourage a budding archer altogether.



LPO Greenwood PO Box 478 Greenwood 6024

ARCHERY LESSONS as from 1st March 2023.

Amateur Archery Centre inc (AAC) is affiliated with the State and National Archery bodies which control the sport in Australia, consequently our qualified instructors follow the doctrine set out by these controlling bodies. Our instructors carry Police and Working-with-Children Clearances.

The Club teaches on Saturday mornings, starting at 8.00 am for one hour each week using recurve bows. We work on the basis of one instructor per 2-3 trainees, thus having a close association with the trainees. In order to give the instructors a chance to have a shoot There will be no coaching on the last Saturday of each month.

On their first visit, the principles of archery are explained to the trainee, plus what a recurve bow is, what an arrow is, how they are used and all the safety rules that apply to archery. The equipment we use are not toys or playthings. Bows and arrows can do a lot of damage if used incorrectly therefore we need the students to understand what we teach them, and to ask questions if they do not. The safety rules are not extraordinary, they are common sense rules. Some trainees require 1-2 weeks of intense verbal instructions and moderate archery time, but then the shooting increases significantly and the fine tuning starts.

2023 Instruction costs: Your first visit will cost $15.00 to see if you like the sport, if so you can enroll for a 6 hour introductory archery course consisting of 6 x 1 hour lessons at $150 payable at the start of the lessons.    This is not refundable if the trainee suddenly changes their mind. Please note: while under instruction, the trainee is a Temporary  AA/AWA member and is covered by Archery Australia’s Third Party Insurance policy.

Minimum age of trainees is 10 years, therefore a parent or guardian is required to be on site at all times  the underage trainee is on site.

At the end of the first 6 hours tuition, the trainee can apply for membership providing the instructor is satisfied with the trainee’s progress and at the same time, they need to look at purchasing their own equipment. However, if the instructor believes the trainee is not ready, then the trainee may need to purchase more lessons at $25 per hour until the instructor is satisfied the trainee has reached the required competence (maximum of 12 hours).

If at the end of 12 hours tuition, the trainee is still underprepared then the trainee cannot proceed any further as their ‘Third Party Insurance Policy’ terminates after 12 hours of instruction.    We suggest at this stage the trainee waits a few months before starting the course over again if they wish to continue the sport.

Please note: The Club has the right to prevent any archer from using equipment that it considers unsafe or incorrect, therefore the Club suggests purchasing equipment from a reputable dealer.

Physical contact with trainees: The instructors may need to make physical contact with trainees on their arms, heads, hips and feet to correct posture and the handling of equipment. If parents/guardians are unhappy with this, then the instructors need to be told at every session.

Clothing: Trainee archers are required to wear enclosed shoes plus close fitting upper garments. We also recommend a floppy brimmed hat and sunscreen cream as the trainees are, by the nature of the sport, exposed to the sun and weather. Male/Female toilets are close by as well as access to fresh water, although we recommend trainees bring their own water.

Club and Affiliation costs: These costs are reviewed each year, but currently are $285 per adult (18 years and over) and $210 per junior (under 18 years) per annum, payable when joining. Family rates are available. Costs include Club membership and Archery Australia/Archery WA affiliation fees. Club shirts are not included in membership costs but can be purchased separately. Also there is an ongoing shooting fee of $5 per archer, per shooting session.

Arrival time:   Even though the lessons start at 8.30 am, we ask that trainees arrive no later than 8.00 am as we need to spend some time with them selecting equipment suitable to their strength, draw length and whether they are right or left handed. They also have the opportunity to participate in setting up and taking down the targets, which helps with building a team spirit.

Inclement weather:  On the odd occasion, we sometimes have to cancel the shoot due to inclement weather. We wait until the very last moment in making this decision which is usually very early Saturday morning, so if you are in doubt, please phone to check before arriving at the ground. We apologise in advance if this happens.

Thank you, Roark Anderton     (AAC Instructor)

Club email:   [email protected]
Instruction fees: $150.00 for six lessons
Club banking details:
P&N Bank Whitfords
BSB: 806-015
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