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Most archery clubs throughout Western Australia are affiliated with Archery WA.

Archery Western Australia:

Archery Australia:

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Details of other archery clubs can be accessed through the Department of Sport and Recreation website.

Archery supplies are available locally, interstate and overseas. Some useful links are contained on this page. (These links will open in a new tab.)

WA Locations:

Toxophilite Archery Supplies:

Hoddywell Archery Park:

Archery Essentials:

Soul Archer: (Traditional bows) 

(if you are interested in traditional archery and/or Asian style bows, check this out, Mike knows his stuff and will help you)

Interstate Locations:

I have used all of these and found them to be friendly and helpful. K.

Archery Supplies Australia:

Tenzone Archery: 

Abbey Archery:

Pats Archery:


ArrowWraps:   (if you want arrow wraps, these guys will have them)

Killer Bowstrings:  ( need new strings? try this guy, great strings, great price and very fast )

International Locations:

Alternative Sporting Services:

Quicks, The Archery Specialist:

The Archery Company:

Merlin Archery:   ( this is a great website with a wide range of products )

Lancaster Archery:  *

*  (postage from the US can be very expensive)

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