A little archery humour

go on have a laugh, you know you want to.


Sometimes I wonder if my bow is thinking of me too.


Unknown to most historians, William had another, less fortunate son named Warren.

That awkward moment
When someone asks you to choose between them and

(i know, right? as if)

A true story ( you couldn't make this up )

Superglue, what a great invention, so many uses, so versatile, but anyone who uses it knows it has the ability to find it’s way into and onto places you may not have intended. This story is about one such episode.
A local archer who should perhaps remain anonymous (we’ll call him Jason) decided to install a kisser button on his string to help with a consistent anchor point, having laid his bow and the tools needed on the table was about to start when Jason’s wife asked what he was doing, installing a kisser button he replied, perhaps you should have some help with that she suggested, Jason, perhaps feeling his ability was in question replied I don’t need help with this simple task, I’m not helpless, what could possibly go wrong? Well, he was soon to find out.

Installing a kisser button is not a difficult task and he was quite right to feel confident, and soon determined the correct position, installed the button and proceeded to tie it in, once tied in a tiny drop of superglue was applied to the knot with a toothpick, good practice, no problems so far.
Having finished, Jason drew the bow one more time to make sure all was good and that’s when he discovered that the kisser button was now super-glued to his lip, and him with a compound bow at full draw, not a low poundage youth bow either but a fully rigged 55 pound target bow. Well, Jason now has a bit of a problem and after thinking about it for as long as his now trembling muscles would allow, managed to let the bow down by slowly allowing the bow to come to his face, no small feat but not in the clear yet as it is still attached to his lip, after several minutes of fancy tongue work (I know I know) he managed to break the bond and could finally lower the bow. Now at this point Jason’s wife came in and asked “all finished, how did it go?”

“Perfectly” said Jason with a straight face.

 If you don't like archery you probably won't like me....and I'm okay with that.

Lesson 3
Not all who wander are lost, some are just looking for their arrows.
Not all who wander are lost, some are just looking for their arrows.

Archery is not difficult, or hard to understand.... until you miss.

Archery makes me happy.......
you, not so much.


Time flies like an arrow but fruit flies like a banana.

I rteaaly wanna
Nailed it!
Nailed it!

If you want to join this club, I could pull some strings.

Archery has a lot of drawbacks, but you can't try it until you nock it.

Sometimes after archery we meet at the cheese shop, just to shoot the Bries.

I worry that when I die my wife will sell my archery gear for what I told her I paid for it.

Somebody once told me, “there's more to life than archery
I think it was my ex wife.

When one door closes, another door opens...............  other than that, it's a good car!

( I know, Iknow, it's not about archery, but it made me laugh, and I'm the boss of the webpage )

There’s a hole in my bucket

There’s a hole in the door where the light comes in, a shaft of light as thin and straight as an arrow, which is appropriate as it was an arrow that caused the hole to appear.

How can that be? you ask, well suprisingly it’s not that difficult. Those of us bitten by the archery bug must shoot, it’s essential, I know you understand.

Well, this particular archer, who shall remain anonymous, (we’ll call her Cathy), owner of said garage door felt the need to shoot and like many/most of us has limited space in the back garden and must utilise the garage as part of the range after making provisions to stop the arrows should they over penetrate the target butt.

Now, how the arrow managed to puncture the door is none of our business but it does raise the question, is there a backyard archer who does not have a small hole in the garage door/ fence/ meter-box/ shed/ wheelbarrow/ paddle pool/ bucket or dog kennel? I use those examples because I have spoken to many archers on the subject of small punctures and each of those items were mentioned.

In the interest of full disclosure, I myself have a small hole in the pizza oven door and when asked about it reply “it’s there to prevent the glass from fogging up”  🙂

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